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You may not spend a lot of time thinking about your air conditioner—until it stops working, of course. With the intense summer heat of Arizona, spending even a few hours without AC can be uncomfortable or even dangerous. You can’t always prevent problems from occurring with your AC or predict when malfunctions are about to happen, of course. However, there are some things that you can do to make AC problems a lot less likely to strike when temperatures spike and you need it the most. One of the most important tasks is to have your AC serviced regularly. Key to reducing your chances of an AC malfunction is having regular maintenance, and part of it is knowing when to call an AC technician for service. Put in a call to a technician for AC service in these circumstances.

Pre-Summer Maintenance Service

Before you have to start using your AC for the season, schedule a maintenance service with your AC technician. During this service, a technician will inspect all of the parts of your unit and make sure it is ready to be used. They will identify any issues that could lessen the efficiency of your AC or any parts that are showing signs of damages that need to be replaced. This kind of maintenance is helpful in a number of different ways. You can feel confident that your AC is working efficiently and that you are conserving as much energy as possible. By catching problems with your system in its early stages, your technician can save you from needing bigger, more expensive repairs. Having your AC serviced now will also help ensure that your system works when you need it most. The best time to have this kind of maintenance work done is before you start using your AC for the season. However, if you missed that window, it’s never too late for a maintenance check.

High Energy Bills

For many people, summertime means the highest energy bills of the year. Considering the fact that HVAC systems are among the biggest energy users in the home, it may not be surprising to know that running your AC will cause your bill to increase. However, it is not normal for your usual summertime energy bills to suddenly increase drastically. Often, a spike in your energy costs means that there is a problem with your AC. Sometimes, the problem can be as simple as changing a dirty filter that is impeding airflow. In other cases, however, a problem within the unit itself may not be working properly. This can cause the AC to work harder than usual. If this kind of issue occurs, then call an AC technician for an inspection and—if needed—repairs.

Constantly Running System

Does it seem like your AC is running more often than normal? Is it running all the time? These are signs that your system is having a difficult time maintaining your desired temperature. You may find that you can do things to reduce the chances of this happening. For example, not using your oven or other heat-generating appliances could help your AC stay at the right temperature. You may also have blocked vents that are causing the system to have to run harder than normal. Removing the blocks could fix the problem. If you can’t identify why your AC is running all of the time, then you need to call a technician. The problem could be with your thermostat, or there could be a problem, such as a leak, that is stopping the system from cooling the air in your home to the desired temperature. Whatever the issue might be, it’s time to call a pro. Whether your energy bills are through the roof, your home isn’t as comfortable as you’d like, or you simply need to give your system a checkup, American Conditioned Air is here to help. Our experienced AC technicians can provide fast and effective repairs and replacements. You can always depend on us! If you need your AC serviced in Tucson, you can reach us 24 hours a day at (520) 623-2430. We are available to help you, so don’t wait to call!